About us

So what is Garage Gym Rat™, really?

Garage Gym Rat™ is a lifestyle brand. But don’t get caught up in just a name. Our primary goal is to embody the interests, attitude, and temperament of raw, unfiltered gym enthusiasts — a “Gym Rat”. We strive to bolster a culture made ubiquitous in the 1970’s. The term was made synonymous with those who would frequent the gym; we want to build on this exclusive subculture of individuals who are addicted to iron. More, they are addicted to the process. Never caught in a trap; these rats have evolved into the most savage group of people on the planet.

Garage Gym Rats come in all shapes and sizes and even exist outside the garage environment. Look around your gym, dojo, workshop, or whatever you call it. Do you see residue from sweat and blood, rust, chalk, slogans or mantras on the wall, a ton of heavy plates, special equipment for only the bravest practitioners, or (dare we ask) a garage door? Certainly not all inclusive but if any or all of these things are accurate of your training facility then that makes you a damn Garage Gym Rat!

People who are, what we call, Domum Fortis which loosely translates to “Home Strong”; organically made and fortified to withstand punishment.

Be sure to bookmark www.garagegymrat.com to ensure you are kept apprised to any changes and updates made to the site. Our page and operations are continually evolving and we don’t want you to miss out.

Our Vision

To inspire and motivate while bolstering a community of elite performers who epitomize the standard for hard work.

Our Core Values

Our core values were adapted from the four service branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Developed to personify the highest standard of human performance and behavior; our core values are the roots which we live by each day. Ingrained in our hearts and character, being a Garage Gym Rat™ means you rise above what others think you should be doing and you become better by exemplifying Excellence, Courage, Discipline, and Commitment!

  1. Excellence
    • We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Excellence is not perfection; it is an achievable principle rooted in courage, discipline, and being committed to the non-acceptance of defeat.
  2. Courage
    • It is not a matter of completely eliminating fear or having no fears. Courage is the ability to face fear head on and overcome it. It is the mental, moral and physical strength ingrained in every athlete.
  3. Discipline
    • It is discipline that keeps our athletes grounded. Never allow preparation and determination to be minimized for momentary indulgence. We are disciplined to uphold a standard. The ability to remain austere in a fluid athletic environment.
  4. Commitment
    • Being committed to the process. Never giving in to the setbacks. It is the spirit of determination and dedication found in each and every athlete. Commitment is what compels our athletes to push past their limits.

Gym Rat Mag™

Our online magazine is a free source for news, updates, inspiration, and best of all motivation. Our mission is to provide you with content that meets the need of each athlete and fitness enthusiast alike. Bringing you more than just headline click-bait satire. Gym Rat Mag is our way to give back to the community that we love. By the way, it’s free!

Our Store

We offer premium apparel made organically in the United States. All markings, slogans, logos and artwork were personally designed by owner and creator Mike “Bird” Parrott. We place great emphasis on quality material and designs and try to capture the essence of what being a Garage Gym Rat (GGR) really feels like. Being a GGR is a state-of-mind. It is a discipline; your lifestyle. Therefore, is it our goal to ensure you are able to wear gym gear that appropriately reflects that attitude and the gym rat state-of-mind. All proceeds from apparel sales help to offset the cost of operating this site. With that, please head over to the shop to get you some of the Garage Gym Rat gear. New products are added often as we work to bring you the BEST gym and lifestyle apparel possible.

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