Am I a Gym Rat?

No question! Garage Gym Rats are often found making gains or losing inches in the home, a basement, den, hut, hovel, or maybe a cave. Don’t set traps! Being a Garage Gym Rat™ is a state-of-mind — you don’t have to exercise in your garage. Being a Garage Gym Rat is all about the lifestyle. It is the way you think about yourself and how you’re align with your goals.

It is the reason why you choose to exercise in the first place; only the most disciplined individuals can do it. Garage Gym Rat™ is more than a name or title. Being a Garage Gym Rat™ transforms the way you think and feel about dedication, commitment, motivation, exercise, your health, fitness and life!

Garage Gym Rats are those savage enthusiasts who crave more from each exercise bout. Once you’re able to harness your inner warrior-spirit, you become a Garage Gym Rat™. When you realize that your goals are limitless and become self-motivated, driven, and determined. Let nothing or no one stand in the way of what excites you.

Wolves do not concern themselves with the thoughts of sheep and you Garage Gym Rats do not engage in the pretentious and pompous interactions of the local health club or “Fitness” Center!

All Garage Gym Rats rise above expectations and set the standard for what HARD WORK, blood, sweat & tears look like. It does not matter your sport; or if you’re a Powerlifting, CrossFit athlete, Bodybuilder, or stay at home parent. Being a Garage Gym Rat™ means you are willing to go that extra mile, push for ONE MORE REP, or reach past your “limits” when your mind urges you to quit. Regular folks just wouldn’t understand.

But you’re not obsessed, you’re a Gym Rat!

Get you some gear to match!

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