Maniac Powerlifting

maniac-power-liftingThere is a small rumor that you have to be somewhat insane or disturbed to be a powerlifter. Some have mentioned that true hardcore powerlifters come from a “deep and dark” place. Although we cannot validate these claims, one thing remains certain: We must be lunatics to endure the amount of punishment needed to push past our own limitations. It takes an abnormal person to persistently defy gravity and accomplish unthinkable things with the human body. The stress, punishment, torment, and savagery that we put our bodies through is what makes us Maniacs. 

Welcome to Maniac Powerlifting™, a team for the truly deranged, highly motivated, insanely disciplined hardcore athlete. Formed in a garage gym in San Antonio, TX and now encompasses a group of athletes from across the continental U.S. We provide a home for some of the most insanely driven powerlifters on the planet!

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